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About 15minutemodeller

Inveterate rubber gauger with an attention span of a gnat. Main interests are NER Steam, Swiss RhB, NA NE Shortlines and maybe a bit of 3rd Rail Southern Electrics. All of which so far are armchair ramblings. So the intention is that this blog helps manifest some real life modelling, with a layout at the end of it.

Planning the plan.

I do love a plan especially when it comes together! For me the planning etc is all part of the fun and I see it as a way to minimise risks of getting things wrong. Maybe it’s a throwback  to … Continue reading

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New beginnings, again.

After some what of a long hiatus I have come back to 15minutemodelling with a renewed vigour and desire to take this somewhere other than the siding to nowhere. I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the lack of any progress … Continue reading

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Cameo Layouts – Wild Swan Books

Yesterday saw a package thud through the letterbox and much to my enjoyment it was my long awaited birthday present. Having seen the book at the York 2017 show earlier in the year I knew I wanted to add it … Continue reading

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An experiment

I have been thinking about doing this for some time and never have gotten around to it until now, this being using YouTube as a form of journalling. I’m not sure where I will go with this but I think … Continue reading

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The Big Idea.

Although no physical modelling has taken place so far I haven’t been idle and in fact I see  3D modelling to be just as relevant and enjoyable as the real modelling. As I stated in my last post getting to … Continue reading

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Kato Swiss RhB – 2017

Something I am pretty excited about is the forthcoming Kato additions to their 2017 Swiss Meter Gauge RhB range of stock. It would seem that they are expanding the range due to popular demand and the novelty value that everyone … Continue reading

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Once again…..

Ok, so this time I looked it wasn’t so bad in the length of time since my last posting to my blog though no physical work has taken place since then mainly due to a move of house that took … Continue reading

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