Slow progress indeed but progress it is. I now have all of the pieces that I need well almost as I now am going go for a belt and braces method. To add one more cross brace and then some horizontal braces to stop torsional warpage 🙂 but I have enough to glue up the frame ready for the top to be attached. Again I pondered what would be suitable and in discussion with my fellow conspirator and decided on using as planned 6mm Plywood. With the above board cross brace will also add some strength. Giving the light weight nature of this board warping I feel is always going to be an issue. However I think that it will be strong enough to handle the rather volatile climate it will live in. So to actual modelling, I hope I can get the basic frame together in the next couple of days and then I have to get the top so a trip to a DIY shed is required. But as Rome wasn’t built in a day neither is my baseboard 🙂



About 15minutemodeller

Inveterate rubber gauger with an attention span of a gnat. Main interests are NER Steam, Swiss RhB, NA NE Shortlines and maybe a bit of 3rd Rail Southern Electrics. All of which so far are armchair ramblings. So the intention is that this blog helps manifest some real life modelling, with a layout at the end of it.
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  1. chrismears says:

    This is coming along really nicely.

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