Stock take 2

Ok so next up box of mainly UK N scale and some US N and some odd and sods of 009, some kits I completely forgot I had and bunch of Lenz decoders. The real surprises were the 2mmFS Peco converted wagons, some Z scale track gauges I made on a makeshift power drill lathe many years ago, Dapol Class 86 and the Dapol Grand Central HST pack with couple of coaches.. all new to me. Some of this will go as I will never model ECML and the 009 will probably go too.

Ok onwards and upwards as they say.



About 15minutemodeller

Inveterate rubber gauger with an attention span of a gnat. Main interests are NER Steam, Swiss RhB, NA NE Shortlines and maybe a bit of 3rd Rail Southern Electrics. All of which so far are armchair ramblings. So the intention is that this blog helps manifest some real life modelling, with a layout at the end of it.
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