To the point

Just to prove mainly to my self that I am actually doing something and not gas bagging in the armchair whilst waiting for some other pieces to turn up, here is work progression on point 1 of 8 which is a #9.5 LH. Next up is the frog (needs a bit of work and then the wing rails… thats todays job. I am using all pcb sleepers but am looking into having a go at timbering some it’s just getting hold go the supplies. I have long been an admirer of Brian Harrap’s work and had a long conversation with him at a model railway show where he told me you don’t need loads of things to build track you just need confidence. He showed me a selection of very basic tools and said that is what he pretty much used for all his track building including this

Right time to warm up the soldering iron and get fluxing 🙂

Curved LH No9.5 Point


About 15minutemodeller

Inveterate rubber gauger with an attention span of a gnat. Main interests are NER Steam, Swiss RhB, NA NE Shortlines and maybe a bit of 3rd Rail Southern Electrics. All of which so far are armchair ramblings. So the intention is that this blog helps manifest some real life modelling, with a layout at the end of it.
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